The Search For the Rice Mother-a romantic, chaotic trip where the destination is still unknown

The time when Mr Leo Maselli, a mysterious friend of my supervisor Khun Benjamas and his business popped up in my life could be virtually traced back to last November—when I just started my work with LDI. This gentleman is a film producer (for a long time I mistook him as a director) based in the US, who then, after two-year preparation, was about to ambitiously launch a project of film production featuring its background in several Southeast Asian countries along the Mekong River. Just when I had not clarified the genre of his film, I was thrilled with this cooperation.

It was until this June that I had a chance to contribute my so-called specialty in literature to the playwriting of his script. Before that LDI(mostly it means—me, doing it) had to establish a valid relationship with such an independent film maker as him as a base of collaboration and fund raising….

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