Yes or no to GMO

Genetically Modified Organism is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. This is the definition on Wikipedia.

As a technique, it’s hard to say it’s good or bad, but this technique has fierce persistent debate in the whole world since it shows up, for we are confused with GM technique and GM crops or GM food. I think most opponents reject GM crops or GM food, but some people mix these two concepts on purpose which is easier for them to develop GM crops in the name of developing GM technique. But when this technique is used on crops or other plants and animals, it has uncertain risk on ecology and people’s health. As big experiment fields, Indian people and China people will burden this risk…

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论坛的主要议题包括粮食主权、生态灾难、土地改革和新乡村建设、社区合作与公有共享。我们邀请到了全球众多实践案例的参与人加入讨论,如Eliana Apaza(南美洲秘鲁的原住民自治运动)、印度的妇女互助银行(SEWA)的总干事、来自巴西无地农民运动,碰巧曾经在2011年9月给我们这一批国际志愿者做过讲座的Alex,在二三十年代中国的新乡村建设运动领头人物,晏阳初、卢作孚等前辈的精神继承人等等。可想而知,这是一次精神的盛宴。

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