Yes or no to GMO

Genetically Modified Organism is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. This is the definition on Wikipedia.

As a technique, it’s hard to say it’s good or bad, but this technique has fierce persistent debate in the whole world since it shows up, for we are confused with GM technique and GM crops or GM food. I think most opponents reject GM crops or GM food, but some people mix these two concepts on purpose which is easier for them to develop GM crops in the name of developing GM technique. But when this technique is used on crops or other plants and animals, it has uncertain risk on ecology and people’s health. As big experiment fields, Indian people and China people will burden this risk…

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All India Peoples Science Congress

2013年2月25日至28日是兩年一度All India Peoples Science Congress (AIPSC)舉行的日子,今年舉辦地點位於Uttar Pradesh的Lucknow。這個科學代表大會是由All India Peoples Science Network成員組織輪流舉辦的(今年就由BGVS Uttar Pradesh主理),而這個聯網由印度國內超過40個科學團體組成,各NGO都派出代表參與是次會議,他們會分享過去兩年的工作經驗和討論末來的工作計劃。

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I want to be a farmer, is it easy?!─The story of two young farmers

From the above, we will found that, now new generation farmers, maybe the way they will be is they are part-time farmers; in the part of skill, it’s a basic equipment of a farmer, you need to fill a vacancy by yourself, whatever you can get it from any kinds of tract to add your own knowledge about agriculture ,marketing, and the best is you need a support network which can support you when you have a question or any problem; and the most important part is choosing a sustainable agriculture road. After all, new generation farmers has information advantage than before, they are very clear about that the old farming use chemicals are bad to the rice field, and the advantage for environment of sustainable agriculture.

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